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What is Chapters-Interactive Stories

Complete beginners guide for the Chapters Interactive stories

Game development has created a buzz in the android market, and people are finding several ways to create a new game. We have seen RPG mixed with three puzzle and new genre is developed.

Some of the game in this kind has gained excess popularity. Games designed for the mobile community is overturning the games intended for PC & consoles.

In today's post, we will be discussing a new form of game app, complete review of chapters interactive stories games, gaining popularity gradually among mobile gamers.

What are they all about?

Interactive story games are a new form of storytelling where the user has control over the outcome of the stories. Majorly these games consist of stories written by many new and some renowned authors, and that has been gamified through the graphical representation and various Q& A mode.

At every juncture of these games, the user is asked to decide on the possible outcome of the situation. Depending on the choices made, the consequences follow, and the story is woven.

What is Chapters Interactive story?

Chapters: Interactive Story is a game of the above kind designed by Crazy maple studio for Android version.

One thing is noticeable in most of the stories, and that is, the lead characters are generally women. Following are some other features that make the game enjoyable.

Recently, the game is quite common since you are carried into the tale to perform as the primary personality, which can be quite enjoyable.

Different decisions are available throughout the novel that may affect interactions, advancement, and results.

The primary personality is somewhat restricted for customization, but you can pick stuff such as hair. The graphics and animations are reasonably sweet mostly, like the TV, but they lack some of the motion between conversations.

While interactions between personalities, the dialogue boxes fade too naturally that it makes the scenes look decent.

There can be an absence of decision-making based on the version of the story. Some stories began with little intervention, while others offer plenty of opportunities to choose the response of the character, which is always enjoyable. However, some significant and effective decisions were lacking.

The designers cultivate a beautiful creative room. It lately launched an open story playground allowing its users to e-mail new story entries. In the long term, Crazy Maple Studios will also permit original music presentations!

Chapters Interactive Stories are a new concept of game development, and that has been intertwined fantastically by the developers. Although, many gamers are a bit concerned about the in-app purchases.

After all, the developments are for monetization that should be accepted. However, it is to be seen how these app purchases are balanced in future.

Apart from all such negative review, the concept must get a five-star, and we expect in future similar kind of game will evolve. Till then, cheers!!

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