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Ways To Earn Coins in Solitaire Tripeaks

Complete Beginners Guide To Earn Coins In Solitaire Tripeaks

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Are you trying to earn more coins in Solitaire Tripeaks? Desire to become a master player? If yes then don’t panic more as here we mentioned some useful content for achieving these targets quickly.

Coins are considered as the primary and premium currency of the game from which many tasks can be performed.

For playing the game smoothly without facing any barrier, players need to earn it more.

It is necessary for the users to focus on forthcoming content if they need to know all about coins. Prior to starting master ways to earn coins, let’s have a quick overview of the game first.

Solitaire Tripeaks is a new fun-based card game launched by GSN for Android and iOS devices. One can easily play the game for free or without spending any cost on both devices.

When it comes to going for in-app purchases features, one needs to spend real cash, for instance.

Methods of earning in-game currency

Here we mentioned some top solitaire tripeaks hacks and tricks to make currency in more massive amount-

• Login everyday

Don’t forget to log in every day in the game which offers you a specific amount of money added in the game wallet.

• Collect daily bonus

Everyday users are able to earn more coins by collecting daily bonus. There is no need to run any task for collecting this bonus as it is entirely free.

• Free coin button

Take advantage of open coin button as it can offer a substantial amount of coins after 20 minutes up to 20 times per day. All the users just need to tap on a free coin button to obtain them more without getting stressed.

• Watch free ads

Yay, like all other games this option is also added in Solitaire Tripeaks game for earning in-game currency. Just you need to watch free ads for a maximum of 1 minute to earn coins.

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